gas fireplace logs

Gas Log Sets

It’s important to have your gas log sets inspected annually to ensure they are working properly and are cleaned thoroughly to prevent any serious issues. In most cases, failing to have your gas log sets cleaned can even void your warranty. We have the ability to clean and inspect every aspect of your gas log sets. This allows us to assure our homeowners that their equipment is running safely. Our services enable your gas lot sets to run more efficiently, overall improving their performance. We even check for the presence of carbon monoxide—a huge concern for any homeowner.

Gas Lines

We’re specialists when it comes to the repair and installation of gas lines for your fireplaces. If you need any services done on your in-house or underground lines, give us a call today. We can ensure that your lines are safely connected and functioning at top capacity. Installing, repairing or replacing gas lines takes time and prior knowledge and experience. Our experts are fully trained to safely handle all gas line services. We know the special procedures to avoid gas leaks that can be fatal to your home and family. You can be confident in our abilities to offer reliable fireplace services.

Friendly, fast and high-quality services. When it comes to the safety of your home, go with a company you can trust.

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